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As everyone knows, the covid19 coronavirus is causing concern worldwide. As of last check, there are 5 cases in Idaho - 2 in Ada County, 2 in South Central Idaho, and one in Teton County (Driggs), so the state is escalating it's response, but as of now the Bengal theater remains open.

We know Idaho State University is coming up with their own plans on how to handle things and if and when to cancel events, which of course we'll abide by.

We know Bengal Theater staff has redoubled sanitizing efforts with all surfaces, counters, machinery etc. and staff are following all cleanliness protocols.

But as far as the Pocatello Film Society goes, just a few general rules of thumb for everyone to think about when coming to the movies at ISU and pretty much when going anywhere.

1. Please stay home when you are sick or just getting over a sickness. At this time, people are sensitive to hearing coughing and sneezing anywhere near them. At least 72 hours following a sickness is a minimal guideline.

2. Wash your hands well and often. And bring tissues to cover your face if you have to sneeze. It is generally thought at this time that spread is by contact and that the virus isn't airborne, so keeping particles from spewing all over is a plus.

3. Spread out if you're uncomfortable being close... the Bengal Theater has 300+ seats and generally about 100 people maximum at our shows. So no need to cluster too closely and many of those outer seats still have good views of the screen. Recommendations for groups are to be 3-6 feet apart from each other.

Again, this is all precautionary and many things we can do are good rules even if there wasn't a coronavirus. If the theater must close for a period of time, we'll let you know, but for now the movies are still showing and will continue to show until further notice.